Discover the magic of Malta’s stone
enclosed in a fantasy garden


Hello, today I want to tell you what happens when Giusi arrives in Malta. I have been living in this wonderful island since two years and when she comes here, our artist is always inspired to create new fantasy gardens, which are highly appreciated by the Maltese.

Giusi’s creativity is in close contact with the place where she is. For this reason, we often go out for a walk in the countryside and on the Maltese highlands. She always says, “When you need inspiration, go out, go for a walk and the nature will recharge you and it will show you new ideas and perspectives.”

This secret always works 😉

Malta then is a source of constant inspiration. I like to define it as the Island of Peter Pan, full of treasures to discover. In the past, it was the prey of pirates and then defended by the Knights of Malta with their fortifications. Malta is home to the mystery of the oldest stone structures in the world, the famous Megalithic Temples!

The stone in Malta speaks and Giusi listens. In fact the stone is the protagonist of her gardens so that they can then donate that mystery and that magic to those who receive them!

I believe that the world is as you see it and Giusi finds the wonder around every corner that for many it is hidden! She says: “Look at this branch, take that stone, can you see how wonderful is that stone?” Everything shines in her eyes and when she returns in her workroom all the feelings, impressions and the images stored within her turn into new fantasy gardens.


Are you ready for a new adventure with Il Giardino sul Comò by Giusi?

Bring to your home the magic of Malta!


Contacts for Malta:

Flora Cascelli, write me on [email protected] or with a message on Il Giardino sul Comò Facebook Page




Malta inspires new Fantasy Gardens!