Set your creativity free:
Il Giardino sul Comò is here!


Inside our mind millions of thoughts flow every day, but some of them are more than a simple thought: ideas, dreams, visions.

Sometimes they flow unnoticed in the bustle of our mind, such as when you are sitting in a cafè observing the pedestrians coming and going, without paying much attention.

Ideas instead, are different from simple thoughts: they remain. Imagine that suddenly the traffic lights turn on and…Stop. That idea starts to enlarge inside of your head, it becomes an evocative concept, you daydream on it, it changes into a dream and then in a vision.

I had a dream in the drawer: being free to express my own creativity

In other words, we often live a routine life without expressing who we really are, and our best potentiality.

Il Giardino sul Comò wasn’t a sudden project, I arrived at it revealing my creativity step by step. Flowers, nature and imagination are with me since I wa a child, but then they changed into an idea, a dream and a vision, during the adulthood.

Il Giardino sul Comò has grown inside of me, I grew as a person, I’ve understood who I am and what I really want, I opened up my eyes and enriched my creativity.

So in 2011 I started to take part in the artisans street markets in my country, Umbria, with the brand of “Le Creazioni di Giusi”.

It has been a very important experience, because my art could be face to face with the people, their glances and their possible opinions. I saw many astonishing glances: children, adults, whoever walked along my stall stopped a moment and I had the opportunity to carefully observe how the marvel coloured their faces.

Then, I understood that I wanted my art to become my life, not only a passion to cultivate. Creating fantasy gardens wans’t a joy only for me, but for everyone who looked at them; I felt that these gardens represented a bridge between people and their imagination, producing positive thoughts.

I was with my daughters, it was evening and we decided to give a concrete name to my ideas, my dreams and my visions: Il Giardino sul Comò, fantasy gardens made with love and a hint of magic!


And now Il Giardino sul Comò is my life,
is…me at its best!


For each dream there’s a begin!