Il Giardino sul Comò on the shop-window of ‘Biosfera’,
a Holistic Space at the bottom of Assisi

Rosa with her sweet smile welcomes in her shop Il Giardino sul Comò: ‘Biosfera’, a holistic space dedicated to the care of Body and Soul. ‘Biosfera’ in fact, is not only a shop of healthe food, but also a melting pot, where everybody is welcomed by Rosa and Marco.

Rosa and Marco after many years of experience in the social sphere and in many different institutions (schools, communities, groups…) decided to move from Brianza to Umbria with their son. Rosa after being a full-time mum had an intuition: open an unusual space next to San Francesco’ Porziuncola. So, with the help of Marco arrived ‘Biosfera’, “A place – says Rosa – where buying and selling has a New Shape: Relation and Information become instruments for sharing human relationship without substituting the sale; instead, they are part of an interactive process, for allowing the customer to buy freely and consciously”.

Assisi is a magic place, in the heart of Umbria like a mystic treasure of Italy and ‘Biosfera’ is a place where it’s simple giving or receiving a Good Advice: a Good Word. And the fantasy gardens of Il Giardino sul Comò are a beauty offer! I ask Rosa: “Why did you choose Il Giardino sul Comò for ‘Biosfera’?”. “Because I like the idea of Giusi, I like when the Creative Thought changes into art and produces new opportunitites. Her fantasy gardens are made with love, each piece is put in the right place and, somehow they talk about her”.

Rosa indicates a garden with the little statue of Buddha. “You see – she said – this Garden with Buddha produces a meditative atmosphere. That’s why I like Il Giardino sul Comò: it’s not a simple beautiful decorative object for your home, but it’s useful to create harmony outside and inside of you”.

Inside ‘Biosfera’ you can also find books, yoga and meditation tools. ‘Biosfera’ organises free cultural meetings on different themes: Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Environment, Yoga, Art…and many of these cultural meetings are on customers’ demand, or even organised by customers themselves.

‘Biosfera’ project is a Growth Process…A New Philosphy for a healthy and Conscious way of living!


Biosfera Contacts:

Biosfera is just near the Porziuncola of San Francesco, in Santa Maria degli Angeli, on Becchetti Street 23, at the bottom of Assisi.
Facebook: Biosfera group 


Il Giardino sul Comò arrives in Assisi!