“Between languages and stage”
Let me introduce you Rachele Raggiotti


Il Giardino sul Comò with all its staff feels very lucky! Probably it’s the magic of the fantasy gardens that attract special people ready to make their contribution to this project and Rachele Raggiotti is definitely a special girl! I think that “Between languages and stage” is the right expression for introducing Rachele, a cheerful girl, skilled and with a creative talent! Graduated cum laude in Foreign Languages and Literatures (English, Chinese and Russian) at University of Perugia, Rachele is not only keen on languages! When she wears stage costume she changes into the wonderful mezzosoprano who fascinates the audience! A rich, warm and enchanting voice, a penetrating glance and a curriculum young but full of success make us believe that this girl from Perugia is a promise as opera singer, not only in Italy, but in the whole world!

racheleThe most fascinating aspect of Rachele is her peaceful personality, able to transmit balance and harmony. I asked her: “Rachele, how did you manage the study of three foreign laguages (much different one from another) with the study of belcanto at the Conservatory of Perugia? What is your secret? I can only image the stress related to the exams and to the different tests!”

Well – Rachele said – the truth is that I deeply love what I did and what I do now. Yes, my path, both at the University and at the Conservatory, has been very hard and it’s still difficult (considering the auditions and so on) but I’m thrilled to do all that and this changes everything! So, maybe I’m travelling for the opera auditions or for a recital but, during the night, when the curtain falls, I switch on my pc and start working on translations.” This is Rachele: radiant and full of enthusiasm since she was a child, a smiling and peaceful girl.

Step by step she fell in love with “bel canto”, starting with choir at medium school, then with private lessons but actually are her parents conscious of her vocal treasure who convinced her to attend the Music Conservatory. Thanks to this encouragement Rachele discovered how dreams little by little become true. When she listened concerts during Christmas time she daydreamt of beign, one day, on that stage, singing that Opera…

 When I asked her: “Rachele what does ‘bel canto’ mean for you?”. “The most beautiful thing of Opera – she said –  is that you speak through singing, conveying emotions and feelings of the characters, their human stories and you do that thanks to an instrument which inside of you. The voice starts from your inner part and then, thanks to the singing techhnique you can play it and convey strong emotions. I can say that in the Opera I found everything: thatre, dance, music, and singing. In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful and complete art. I’m fascinated by the fact that although Opera is composed by males, it’s possible to perfectly understand all the shades typical of feminine world. I can understand this just thinking to Giusi’s words about Il Giardino sul Comò; in fact I believe that it’s the power of imagination that makes you connect with the whole world, flying on the emotions”.

Creativity and art become then expression of human being and of the possibility to connect with feelings allowing people to convey someone else’s emotions.

Yes – Rachele confirmed– when you accept the power of imagination you’re connected to everything and everybody and I find my source of inspiration and my balance in this aspect of life”.

Special thanks to Rachele for her English translations with the wish of becoming a famous and worldwide appreciated opera singer, able to give people wonderful emotions!


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Rachele Raggiotti, mezzosoprano and translator of Il Giardino sul Comò web site

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