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When it comes to such a delicate and impalpable art and for these features so unique, as is the art of engraving on the mirror, Roberta Sisti is the queen. No coincidence that her motto is “seeing with the heart and feel with your eyes“. This art goes beyond mere skill, the artist captures the light impressing it on the mirror! The mirror then is symbol of the soul and reflects the essence of the subject engraved, so much so that Jesus or the Holy Mother engraved by Roberta seem to appear in front of our eyes in a moving mystical encounter.

The technique is complex because Roberta engraves in negative. She uses a diamond drill to engrave small dots on the surface of the mirror, which reflects at the same time her face and the dots, so that her sight intersects. In practice, while Roberta engraves the figure, her eyes do not guide her, but she gets into a deep meditative state.

Thanks to the meeting with the master, philosopher and symbolist Lorenzo Ostuni, she discovers the existence of this special art. When Ostuni saw her, so fascinated by his mirrors and eager to learn, he confided her that unfortunately he could not teach her the technique. Ostuni himself began to engrave thanks to a creative impulse of his heart, without a specific rule, no one taught him. “Roberta – says Lorenzo – engraving on the mirror is an art that you can only have within you, there are no teachers … Try!

So it was, Roberta, who since she was a child felt a strong creative drive, found in the mirror her canvas and in the diamond drill the brush with which she engraves the faces of the great mystical masters of all time. Her subjects evoke a great energy and spiritual power. Who looks at them experiment a merging into the mystical essence of the engraved master. Moreover, when someone reflects himself in the mirror he absorbs all the spiritual energy of the Master. That is why Ostuni used to create “Mirror Therapy” events.

In fact, as Lorenzo said “the mirror also has great healing power for the soul because looking at it you become one in one with the subject engraved, in a reciprocal exchange of energy in the light.” For this reason, Roberta chooses subjects with great spiritual depth or that have great value to the person who commissioned it, to donate thanks to the mirror a mystical experience and a spiritual healing!

In the pictures below Roberta Sisti with Giusi Moliterno together with her mirrors and her fantasy garden.


Roberta Sisti’s Last Works

Laboratory of engraving on the mirror at the Plato’s Cave of Lorenzo Ostuni, Cultural Association, Via degli Scipioni 175 / A, Rome.

Participation at the group exhibition “Incontri con l’Arte” (“Encounters with Art”) – “750 years between Inferno and Paradiso passing through Purgatorio”. Roberta participated with a mirror dedicated to the great poet Dante Alighieri. The exhibition was curated by Daniele Alfani and Professor Mario Belardi, with the collaboration of art historian Liletta Fornasari. Artistic directors Danielle Villicana D’Annibale & Maurizio D’Annibale. September 5 to September 17, 2015. Here a video by the journalist Fabrizio Borghini on Toscana TV covering the group exhibition:

To meet her and see personally her mirrors or commission a mirror simply contact her:
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Il Giardino sul Comò Magazine presents Roberta Sisti: see with the heart and feel with your eyes!

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