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Two vibrant big black eyes, a sprightly mind and a unique hand. Elena Masci, an Umbrian visual artist, born in ’89, with talent to spare! Her drawings are conquering social media: more than 16,000 followers on Facebook and comments on Instagram such as, “Your art is awesome!!!”.

Her painting talent ranging from hyper-realistic portrait in graphite, to watercolour painting, acrylic or oil on canvas. As an only child, to help evade her loneliness she entertained herself by playing with crayons. – “it was the way to share what was going on in my mind with my playmate, my fantasy, and every thoughts were knocking down on the sheet” – now the girl is unstoppable!

Artist, tattoo artist and photographer around the world, Elena Masci has mastered the different visual techniques by experimenting with various materials, so you can see her painting the Monument Valley on the living room wall or working for a Modenese firm for the creation of a scenography for Dolce & Gabbana.

In the wake of the graphics and its more advanced tools (including her fingers) come to life her digital designs, unique works that portray the protagonists of the film world. “The passion for movies is a source of inspiration for me. I can tell you that I was up all night to watch the Oscars and with my Ipad I sketched DiCaprio’s face, while he was receiving the most important statue of his life“. Flicking between her collections you can recognize them: they are the ones that we have seen in our living rooms, at the cinema, maybe alone under the covers or with friends and popcorn, those who may have made us laugh, cry or even both, the actors and their characters who with Elena are always in action, even after turning off the TV.

I asked Elena, why movies inspire her so much?

I only draw what inspires me, that something that in some way has touched me inside. It is as if the landscape or the subject that catches my attention, becomes imprinted in me along with the feelings and emotions that I lived while I was looking at it. In that sense, cinema is a large well of emotions which then I rework with the pencil“.

In fact, in her drawings there is something much more. Beyond the objective they are faithful snapshots, the perfection of the details amazes you. As an example if you look at an actor’s portrait, you feel bonded to his eyes with a feeling that you cannot escape. You could sit there to admire him and his face acquires an almost human depth, you can almost read his thoughts and emotions as if he was there in front of you!

With the curiosity of those who would be able to draw well, but does not know where to start, I asked in wonder:

“Elena, how do you do it? Where do you find your creativity?”

Creativity is in the heart. It is the heart that sends the pulse. If the subject has impressed me, then it goes in my mind where it is then reworked. I tell you more: if the subject is not in resonance with me, if I don’t feel it, a painting can take hours, even days to draw it. So yes, it is a matter of technique, of constant practice, but creativity comes from the heart and is expressed by a particular action: listen to yourself”.

So for you art is about listening to yourself?

Art, lately, it seems to be doing what others are doing. For example, people often think that an artist is the one who paints. Not so. It is not painting or the type of art in itself the tool to express your creativity. Art means to do what you love, that makes you feel good! If it is horse riding, walking at night, or get up at three in the morning that makes you feel good, well, do it without any prejudice! Listen to your creativity, express her as she prefers, that is the way which belongs only to you, that is your art!“.

You remind me of Giusi, that’s why you have drawn her in the new logo of Il Giardino sul Comò?

I love Giusi, she could not be that the centrepiece of the logo of Il Giardino sul Comò, with elf ears and fantasy gardens that bloom from her head, her at the centre of her life! The nicest thing is that Giusi does what she likes to do, create fantasy gardens, this is her art, her only way to listen and to express her creativity“.

Elena last question, for you what is a work of art?

Well, for me a work of art is your piece of paradise!“.

Thanks Elena, for representing the philosophy of Il Giardino sul Comò with a special logo, super fantasy! We wish you Oscar style success in your career…Between us, I’m sure that Leonardo DiCaprio will knock on her door to collect his portrait 😉




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Do you want to ask Elena to design your logo, a portrait or a painting even on the wall? Contact her, write her an email [email protected] or message her on Facebook, click here!


In the gallery you can see Elena, a selection of her drawings and a little fantasy garden with a owl made by Giusi for her 😉



Elena Masci Art: drawing, graphics, photography … Art is what makes you feel good!

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