Any of us lives bad and good moments, but if you have a Il Giardino sul Comò, 
it will not only decorate your home
but it will be a connection to your imagination whenever you want and you can immediately feel better!

Let’s discover with this funny test,
which kind of Il Giardino sul Comò is in harmony with yourself!

Take a pencil and write down the letter (from A to D) 
related to the answers of the six questions.

So…are you ready? 

Which garden are you?


You watch the world through…

A)   A porthole

B)   A snow peak

C)   A flying carpet

D)   A foamy cloud

If I tell you “colour” you think about…

A)   Yellow

B)   Blue

C)   Green

D)   Purple

When there’s an obstacle

A)  I jump, following my instinct

B)  I have a break to meditate

C)  There are my friends to support me

D)   I’m waiting for a sign from the Universe

 Your favourite character of the “Lord of the Rings” is

A)   Samwise Gamgee

B)   Arwen

C)   Galadriel

D)   Gandalf

If I say “happiness”, you think about...

A)   A lunch with your best friends

B)   A walk hand in hand

C)   To ride a unicorn

D)   Watch the constellation of the Swan while it flies through the Milky Way

What would you bring always with you?

A)   Colours and drawing paper

B)   The right music

C)   My lucky charm

D)   My favourite book


Majority of answers A

 You’re a pragmatist and sunny person. In everyday life you follow your instinct and find always the right way to adjust situations in a creative way! You love being in company and decorating your house for the parties with your friends in an original way!

You are: Creative Garden


Majority of answers B

You daydream, well don’t stop doing it! Your big gift is to see everything with a positive attitude. You’re an elegant person, you like discovering new places where you can take care of yourself, with the person you love!

You are: Dreams Garden


Majority of answers C

You believe in fairy tales and that’s why fairy tales become reality! You have the noble and gentle soul of the sprites of the woods. You’re sensitive like the fairies of the flowers and shiny as a diamond. For you the world is a magic place where to live wonderful adventures!

You are: Fairies Garden


Majority of answers D

Read, research, learn, discover… you’re like this, aren’t you? The life for you is a walk through consciousness! You know how to find the light in everyone and everything. You like the peacefulness of silence, where you can talk to your inner voice.

You are: Soul Garden