Have you ever had the desire of a magic corner
where the world, for a moment, is suspended?
A refuge only for you, where you can relax?


You often come back home after work, after gym, once finished your sons’ afterschool and all you want to do is take off your shoes and sit down in the middle of your green corner.

So, many people call this corner "garden"; doesn’t matter if it’s a huge open space or a little garden on the balcony but the main thing is that it’s a corner only for you, that inspires you and where, finally, you can relax and dream…


relax from working


Nowadays, either for chaotic life or because you don’t have the suitable space or you don’t know how to take care about the plants, you have to renounce to your enchanted corner.

No more:

with a click you can have your own Fantasy Garden, 
as you like it and where you prefer;
you don’t have to take care about it,
as It will take care of you!


This is the effect of Il Giardino sul Comòit gives you moments of peacefulness and joy even when you have a bad day.
Il Giardino sul Comò helps you to relax… Do you know why?

Because when you look at it the beauty enters into yourself and any tension goes away: out of the blue, you are in your enchanted green corner!


How can I get my own Fantasy Garden?

It’s simple, fast and funny!

  1. Take the test  and discover which garden are you. The test can tell you which is the type of garden more similar to your feelings.

  2. Take a look at the gallery and let yourself be inspired by fantasy gardens. 

  3. Write at [email protected] indicating the name of the garden you prefer for being sure it’s still available: each piece of Il Giardino sul Comò is a unique piece.

  4. You can write us how your fantasy garden should be, which frame, which colours and theme are best for it. Giusi will contact you and Il Giardino sul Comò, tailor-made for you, will be then sent directly to your house!

Purchase Recommendation

  • For your best friend, keen on fantasy: give her a magic corner, a little magic world made for relaxing your mind before falling asleep...click here for Fairies Gardens

  • For a special gift to your mum o for amazing your mother-in-law take a look at Creative Garden, the more original than this gift! We can create a garden using a vintage or an antique piece, like an old-fashioned tv, a vase or a mirror frame. 

  • If you’re thinking about a gift for your wife or your fiancée here are the Dreams Gardens. The most romantic gift is receiving a dream and Il Giardino sul Comò is perfect for the person who knows how to make you dream. Let’s pretend to give her a jewel enclosed in a box, decorated as a Garden or to let her fly on the wings of imagination over the isle “Love Lighthouse”…Remember: Il Giardino sul Comò is a gift that lasts forever!

  • For your friend fond of yoga, you can think about a miniature zen garden, with a fountain and a statue of Buddha; for your grammy instead, would be a joy having at home a small evergreen altar dedicated to the Virgin Mary, for collecting rosaries! Also for this occasion, let yourself be inspired by the Soul Gardens.

  • Do you want to decorate your home for celebrations? Astonish your guests with Il Giardino sul Comò! Bring home the right atmosphere with the Celebrations Gardens. Il Giardino sul Comò is also a fantastic idea for your ceremonies: just think about a lantern for the bride and groom or a postcard hand-decorated with flowers, tulle, ribbons and much love!


 We have a very wide selection, for any occasion

Surprise the people you love in an unique way choosing an enchanted fantasy garden as a gift!


For further information contact us