Fairies Gardens
open the doors to the world of imagination!

Adults and children, everybody can be inspired by this little world!
Fairies, elves, goblins are entities which live in woods, rivers and seas.
Each of them is a guardian of nature and its elements: earth, air, fire, metal and water.

Bring at home a corner of fairy world!


We can compose also wallsframes, your shop window or create party favors and furnitures for themed parties.

The Dragon Garden

"It is said that in a faraway village there is a dragon with incredible powers to guard the King's castle. This is the beginning of a magical adventure in the Dragon Garden ..."

The Dragon Garden was commissioned. Ask Giusi to create your fantasy garden according to your wishes and you will live a new adventure too! Contact us


The Fairies' House

"If you’ll be able to close your eyes and open those of your imagination magic will happen, that’s true!
The Fairies’ House is a special place where the nature entities prepare mysterious potions and powders for colouring fields and perfume flowers! Come in!"

Do you want a fairies' house? Contact us


The Pixie’s Garden

The little Pixie, who lives in the enchanted woods, guards a precious stone under the tree in her fantasy garden. This stone is the “Tiger’s Eye” and it has a special power to awaken creativity and courage in you. Every time you will enter in the Pixie’s Garden, you will remember that you are capable and worthy to realize what your heart desires following your creativity.

The Pixie's Garden is available in Malta, Є79. 
To order it just Contact us


Fantasy Butterflies

There are times during the day that I call "moments of pure happiness," and I feel connected to myself and everything finds its balance. it is precisely at such times that creativity flows on the wings of my imagination, and guide me in creating my fantasy gardens.

Here you can see two fantasy butterflies:


Hang butterflies inside your house, on the balcony or in your garden and discover how easy it is to go in with moments of joy!

The " Fantasy Butterfly" are available in Malta and they can be purchased individually, to order your personalized one Contact us


Precious Fantasy Little Boxes

If you want to give something special to someone, do not give it without making it valuable. Guard it in a little box made by Il Giardino sul Comò, so your gift will become a precious treasure to be discovered.

  • VIOLET IN HER GARDEN ROSES (white box with pixie amethyst), Є25
  • HIDE AND SEEK (white box with puppy),Є25
  • SALLY'S ENCHANTED GARDEN (green box with fairy and shell), Є25
  • MATILDA, THE ROMANTIC FAIRY (green box with pixie with white stone), Є17
  • JOLLY, THE GOOD LUCKY LITTLE ANGEL (green box with angel lucky charm), Є17

The "Precious Fantasy Little Boxes" are available in Malta and they can be purchased individually, to order your personalized one Contact us