Are you dreaming about a garden?

With Il Giardino sul Comò you can open the drawer of your imagination and create the garden of your dreams!
The peculiarity of the collection of "Dreams Gardens" is that one of mixing nature, originality and magic!


Your Dreams Garden becomes reality with the artist Giusi!


The Lighthouse

"The Lighthouse leads you with its light on the island of relaxation. Let yourself be rocked by the wind and the sound of the sea, breathe! Every lull you dedicate yourself is precious to recharge yourself with positive thoughts and strengthen your vision!"

"The Lighthouse" is available, to order it Contact us


The Secret Castle

"There is an island far away in the sea that hides a Secret Castle. The legend narrates that if you follow your heart you will find it. Your fantasy is the key that unlocks the door to your deepest wishes".

"The Secret Castle" is available in Malta, Є77.
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The Hedgehogs' Garden 

"Who has not dreamed of being small and playing with woodland creatures ... This is a miniature fantasy garden ready to be welcomed in your home with all its joy".

"The Hedgehogs' Garden" is available in Malta, Є45.
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The Island on the Jewel Box

"Into the depths of the sea, you will find some drawers to preserve your precious things. The most precious ones are your dreams. Come out of the sea and reach the paradise island that it is waiting for you!".

"The Island on the Jewel Box" is available in Malta, Є85. 
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Milly and Tilly's Magic Garden

"Back to school and doing your homework is boring? No more, Milly and Tilly will keep you company while you are studying and you will see how nice it is to sort your pens and pencils in their fantasy garden. "Start to do your homework with a smile and you'll finish it soon and better", as Milly and Tilly like to say 😉 Il Giardino sul Comò brings joy in the children's room". 

Milly and Tilly's Magic Garden is available in Malta, Є55.
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The Seagulls’ Oasis

"Those who travel in the wake of their dreams, eventually discover themselves. Let the land moves away slowly with its crowd of people and fly up in search of your oasis, the one inside of you where everything is possible".

"The Seagulls' Oasis" is available in Malta, Є35. 
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