That’s how objects, often forgotten, get a new life with the Creative Gardens of Il Giardino sul Comò!


Have you ever thought that a terracotta vase that you don’t use anymore, 
or one of those shells placed in the bathroom can change into a garden?
What do you think about a teapot and a cup now recycled into gardens for your home?

That’s the charm of Il Giardino sul Comò: 
create gardens on whichever support using your imagination!


Bring us the object you want to give a new life and Giusi we’ll enrich it with Il Giardino sul Comò! 


Eden Cup

"A stairway to heaven. In this way, a close friend of Il Giardino sul Comò called this mug. A mini garden-cup ideal to decorate with the emotion of colors and fantasy flowers a corner of your home".

The "Eden Cup" is available, Є87.

To order it, contact us


The Teapot Garden

"The most precious things in life are the simplest. When you come back home take some time to pamper yourself. Relax with a special cup of tea with your Teapot Garden. Make every moment a precious one".

"The Teapot Garden" is available in Malta, Є85.
To order it Contact Us


The Flowering Pot

"Where is hidden the kitten? Of course, in the flowering pot! A small garden in a clay pot. Twigs, flowers and butterflies, there is also a dog and even a snail... What are you waiting for? Bring it with you!"

"The Flowering Pot" is available, to order it Contact Us


The Shell House

"At the heart of an enchanted island, perched on flowering branches, there is a small house. A whole world of fantasy lies behind that door. Set your imagination free. This is the door to your dreams".

"The Shell House" is available in Malta, Є35.
To order it Contact Us


"The Garden in the Cup"

"It is not always possible to have tea with your friends in the garden. But if you free your creativity a garden will bloom in front of you, even in a Cup!... Share with your friends moments of joy, moments of smiles ":)

"The Garden in the Cup" is available, Є29.
To order it Contact Us